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Grecia Johnson, MS

Grecia an empath at heart. Let us welcome Grecia, an exuberant individual who is cultured in many aspects of mental health, linguistics, and art. She is fluent in her own dialect Creole, Spanish, and English. Grecia is constantly refining her mind and educating herself. Grecia has been a mental health professional for eight plus years. Promoting wellness, creating a new perspective, and healing one’s self are just a few of Grecia’s focuses. Grecia has substantial training in substance abuse with co-occurring diagnosis, emotional disorders, conflict resolution, effective coping skills, mental health challenges, grief, Infant and Early childhood mental health, etc.  Grecia’s motivations include daily self-care, building awareness and emotional intelligence and identifying healthy coping skills that are realistic and distinct to each individual.


In addition to providing therapy, Grecia is an active member of the American Mental Health Counseling Association and Chi Sigma Iota. Grecia is also a DVIDA ballroom certified instructor. Grecia believes keeping your mind active is keeping your life active hence promoting overall wellness. Grecia has a diploma in Mindfulness and is a certified Special Education Needs Specialist.


Grecia obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi in Spanish and Psychology. Grecia is an alumnus from Capella University where she obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical mental health counseling. Most of Grecia’s focus in college was children and adolescents. As she began working in the field she shifted to working with infants, adults, and older individuals.  Grecia is a well-rounded individual who can provide services to many populations including individuals who are bilingual speakers (Spanish). Grecia seeks to serve all lifestyles and if she cannot provide adequate service to her client’s need; she will do her best to find the appropriate person and services needed so that her client does not go unnoticed or unattended.


Grecia has accumulated all her skills and knowledge to provide the best care for her clients. “Each Client's situations are unique to their own challenges and therefore must be treated with respect and compassion,” states Grecia. Like many mental health professionals, Grecia brings uniqueness to her therapeutic sessions. Grecia is excited to be a part of Guided Path Counseling and its team where we all share a common interest advocating for our clients.



“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always”
--Robin W.

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