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If you are interested in becoming a new client and would like to start the paperwork process, please follow the instructions below.

New Client Registration Process

Please follow these instructions to get set up as a new client with Guided Path Counseling.  If you have any questions, please reach out to

1. Please click the following link to begin the registration process:

2. Please fill out all required paperwork in the online portal.  Please make sure to follow all instructions, including the uploads for your driver's license and insurance card.  If you are completing this for a minor, the driver's license will be for the parent/guardian.

3. Once you complete all paperwork and uploaded the driver's license and insurance card, please email our clinical administrator at:  Please let them know you've completed all online paperwork.  The next step is for us to verify your insurance benefits.  Once we get that information, we will send you one last document to sign that explains your financial responsibility for therapy sessions (even if it's $0).  Once we receive that back, your information will be sent to our intake coordinator to get you scheduled for an intake session.  

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