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**Now accepting Care Credit and DOCPAY as a form of payment!**

About Us

The most convenient type of therapy

Guided Path Counseling, PLLC provides teletherapy sessions to those in Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, and Virginia.  The great thing about teletherapy is that you can be located virtually anywhere in those states!  The only thing you need is a mobile device with internet connectivity.   

If you feel like you have been dealing with more than you can handle, we would love to help.  We help address a wide range of issues such as anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, relationship problems, behavioral problems, parenting issues, and so much more.  If you have any questions, let us know.  We would love to answer any questions that you may have.  To do so, you can send us a chat message or use our contact form.  Either way, we will get back to you as quickly as possible!

Interested in becoming a new client?

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